Welcome back! I’m not very prepared this week, having just returned from a trip, so this might not be the most artfully written post you’ve ever read. As promised last time, the topic of this week is catechesis. This isn’t a place for analysis, but for sharing stories.
Yes, this is a reprint..of a reprint. I published the original post in 2008, which is unbelievable to me, really. But since one of the reasons for this…
Welcome, and remember the purpose of this space. I hope that you have stories to share. I’m not so much interested in discussion of theories, but more…
Well, as of this writing, we are at almost 300 subscribers, so thank you all for joining up! I’ll be posting a comment-open post next Friday (11/18…
Hi there, and welcome to the first, for real, comment-ready post at Trust Walk. Refresh your memory as to what this is all about here. And here are some…
Greetings! I had said that November 4 would be the first *real* post of this Substack, and that hasn’t changed. That will be the first post inviting…
Let's talk about Vatican II. Because, you know, no one else is doing that.

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